VIKY EP in the spotlight !

500 250 Endocontrol Medical

This video shows the installation and the use of VIKY EP by Pr. Faucheron (CHU Michallon, Grenoble, France) in the operation room.

VIKY EP, a motorized endoscope positioner, provides stable images, eliminates camera shake and associated eye fatigue, especially during longer procedures.

Through a multilingual voice-activated interface connected to a wireless microphone, surgeons speak to the system to move the endoscope or the uterus to the desired positions, thereby optimizing the exposure of the surgical site.

With VIKY EP surgeons control the position of the endoscope directly, without the help of an assistant. Designed to be fully reliable, light, space-saving, easy to use, VIKY EP revolutionizes minimally-invasive surgery.

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