Control at the command of your voice.

At last.

VIKY provides the surgeon the control without the help of an assistant, of the endoscope position (VIKY EP) or the uterus (VIKY UP) directly.

Intuitive control

Voice-activated or foot-activated multilingual command

Optimized surgery

Ability to memorize key positions

Better resource allocation

A system that frees the assistant to perform other tasks



Laparoscopy under control


Safe gynecological surgery

I imagined a solution that was stable, ergonomic, easy to use and reliable.
This solution is called VIKY. It is the new generation motorized assistant.
VIKY, a product range set to grow.

Clément Vidal


VIKY is easy to use and set up

VIKY is fixed onto the operating table rail,
moveable during surgery

VIKY is light and space-saving

VIKY is fully compatible with all types
of endoscopes and trocars

VIKY is autoclavable