Cutting edge technologies in robotic assistance

ENDOCONTROL develops a range of new-generation surgical assistance robots, dedicated to minimally invasive procedures (incisions less than one centimeter). Designed in collaboration with surgeons, these instruments provide solutions to their specific constraints: limited space in the sterile field, adaptability to different anatomies, need for surgeons to stand close to the patient, etc.

With its product portfolio, ENDOCONTROL optimizes the collaboration between practitioners and robots, thus optimizing both human capacities (medical knowledge, adaptability, flexibility, etc.) and robotic capacities (precision, stability, reproducibility, miniaturization, etc.).

ENDOCONTROL is committed to finding solutions to societal challenges through the development of minimally invasive and outpatient surgery.
Its surgical instruments are designed to work through very small incisions to minimize scarring and pain, and at the same time make surgeons’ work easier.



Motorized and articulated surgery instrument
Access to inaccessible intra-abdominal areas


Motorized endoscope positioner
Laparoscopy under control


Motorized uterus positioner
Safe gynecological surgery

Making the work of others easier is a difficult thing to accomplish.
I started by observing and asking questions.

Clément Vidal