ENDOCONTROL specializes in robotic assistance for laparoscopic surgery. The company works with and for surgeons to develop “cobots” (collaborative robots) for laparoscopic procedures.

Although laparoscopic surgery has many benefits for the patients (minimally invasive procedure associated with less scarring and less pain, shorter operating time, improved recovery, etc.), it is technically more difficult for surgeons and potential complications may limit its applications.

For this very reason, ENDOCONTROL develops and distributes a range of products aiming to aid the surgeon in minimally invasive surgery: VIKY EP, a motorized endoscope positioner for laparoscopy, VIKY UP, a motorized uterus positioner, and JAIMY, the first articulated robotized instrument for 5-mm incisions.


ENDOCONTROL want to open new prospects, in-line with its pursuit of excellence in terms of quality of service and technical innovation.


Since its creation, ENDOCONTROL pursues its ambition: seeks excellence in service quality.


The mission of ENDOCONTROL is to help the work of surgeons for easier laparoscopic procedures. With cutting edge solutions, easy to learn fast.


Because our work has a direct impact on human life, ENDOCONTROL imagines new solutions to make life safer, and improve patients’ recovery and healing process.

Clément Vidal, engineer, graduate of France’s Ecole Polytechnique and of Stanford University in the Unites States, started his career in the early 2000s working for a large pharmaceutical company in London.

Very soon after that, he transferred to the quickly evolving field of surgical robotics.

He meets Patrick Henri, business developer, and together they decide to create ENDOCONTROL in 2006.

ENDO : For endoscopy.

CONTROL : Because their new-generation robots were set to provide surgeons with greater precision of movement.