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JAIMY is the first motorized 5-mm needle holder designed for laparoscopic surgery. With bidirectional flexion and unlimited rotation of its end-effector, JAIMY has access to difficult to reach areas in the abdominal cavity, irrespective of the operator’s position. It overcomes the ergonomic restrictions of conventional laparoscopy without increasing incision size, hence making complex procedures easier. Reusable, space saving, easy to use, JAIMY takes minimally-invasive surgery a step further.
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ENDOCONTROL optimizes the collaboration between practitioners and robots, thus optimizing both human capacities (medical knowledge, adaptability, flexibility, etc.) and robotic capacities (precision, stability, reproducibility, miniaturisation, etc.). With the launch of JAIMY, ENDOCONTROL created a new approach to robotics: hybrid robotics or "comanipulation" robotics.

Puce   Testimonials from surgeons

Pr Brice Gayet, digestive and hepatobiliary surgery
Institut Mutualiste Montsouris (Paris, France)
“Minimally invasive surgery offers many benefits for the patients but it also creates new challenges for the surgeons: lack of palpation, axial limitation of instruments, need to learn opposite movements, and use of long instruments through small incisions sometimes make the procedure much more difficult, particularly for suturing. The combination of JAIMY’s shaft distal flexion and jaw rotation makes suturing easier, and even possible in some cases, without the help of a telemanipulation robot, and improves the surgeon’s posture by reducing shoulder abduction.
Gayet2 cercle

Puce    Testimonials from surgeons

Dr. David Klifa, urological surgery
Clinique Saint George (Nice, France)
“JAIMY opens up new possibilities in minimally-invasive surgery. Its hybrid robotic concept will broaden considerably the range of robotic surgery applications. It combines the precision and degrees of freedom inside the abdominal cavity of conventional robotic surgery with the flexibility and adaptability of the human hand.
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Puce   Product advantages

flecheverteJAIMY is the only motorized instrument on the market compatible with 5-mm trocars,

flecheverteJAIMY is autoclavable,

flecheverteJAIMY is space-saving,

flecheverteJAIMY is designed for right or left handed use,

flecheverteJAIMY is easy to use.

Puce   Product benefits

For patients:
flecheverteThe surgeon remains in the operating field during the procedure with JAIMY,

flecheverteJAIMY is used in increasingly less invasive procedures.

For surgeons:
flecheverteJAIMY simplifies considerably – or even makes possible – complex operating procedures,

flecheverteJAIMY improves the surgeon’s comfort during the procedure.

For healthcare institutions:
flecheverteJAIMY requires no installation,

flecheverteJAIMY is optimized for cost controls.

JAIMY is facilitator, innovative, ergonomic, versatile, intuitive and economical.

Puce   Clinical applications

JAIMY is not just a needle holder, it provides surgeons with:
pictovertAll types of surgical approaches (standard, ipsilateral, single port),

pictovertAccess to inaccessible intra-abdominal areas,

pictovertThe option to use any suture pattern (knot, running suture, specific patterns) for all types of tissues (soft, semi-hard).

JAIMY can be used for many laparoscopic procedures.





We wanted to make the impossible happen. And today, results are here: JAIMY. The first motorized and articulated 5-mm instrument for laparoscopic surgery. A product range set to grow.

Clément Vidal